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MC Lederbären Berlin (Logo)REPORTS: Folsom 2009

Folsom Europe Bike Run

2009 the MCLB had organized the Folsom Europe Bike Run as part of the Folsom Europe in Berlin. Start was on Sunday, September 6th, the day after the street fair, at 11 o'clock. There were not so many guys fit for a motorcycle tour after the leather parties, furthermore, a heavy rain shower prior to departure made only the hardest showing up, so the group remained relatively small. The weather forecast had announced disappearing rain, and indeed, there was almost no rain during the tour; in the afternoon we had some sun instead.


The Berlin Stadtautobahn is a convenient way to bring a group out of the town: we went this way until exit Adlershof, near the city's border. Via Grünau we left the town via surrounding forests. The first stop was in Wernsdorf at the canal lock. Between Neu-Zittau and Fürstenwalde, the route followed small roads near the river Spree, the rest of the route lead through the southern parts of the Oderbruch.

In the restaurant of Schloss Gusow (castle), we met some well-known foreign motorcycle riders, which had preferred to visit Berlin without motorcycle. Together, we occupied  almost all tables in the great hall.

From our first visit up to now, we could observe the development of the castle, and there is something renewed on each visit.



The tour back through the Märkische Schweiz was a bit shorter. We had an extended stop in Prötzel, where a decaying castle is still waiting for being waked up. Due to the bad weather, traffic was very calm until we entered Berlin on major roads.

In Berlin's center, Frankfurter Allee (near Alexanderplatz) we said Goodbye. 


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